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EPSRC CDT in Next Generation Computational Modelling

Seminar from ABPmer

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Dr Lambkin from ABPmer opened the seminar series for the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Next Generation Computational Modelling (NGCM), with a presentation on the work of ABPmer, and the computational challenges they face. These includes simulations of tides, waves and sediment transport processes to inform and enhance their consulting work. Used appropriately, numerical modelling tools can be used to supplement otherwise sparse observed in-situ data, and to investigate the potential effects of the proposed development on the surrounding (physical) environment. ABPmer employ a number of simulation techniques of varying accuracy, which are used depending on the required resolution, accuracy and compute time available. The computational challenges include the integration of selected data points into models of wind and water fields to allow both forecasting and hindcasting, that can be applied as required. This presentation concluded with an overview of some of the practical and technical challenges presented by this type of numerical modelling in a commercial context.

Dr Lambkin in front of his projected slides

Dr Lambkin explaining the need for numerical modelling tools