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Workshop on version control with Mercurial

picture from practical exercise

As part of the workshops delivered through the NGCM Advanced Computational Methods II module, today's workshop was focussed on an introduction to Version Control, and version control using Mercurial.

All the teaching materials are available at, and can be used to work through the material or as a reference. In addition to the CDT students and others enrolled in the Advanced Computational Methods II, other guests were undergraduate and PhD students in demography and bioengineering. All workshops are open and guest attendees are welcome. The first part of the session (26 Feb 2015) focused on use of Mercurial in a single user scenario, to keep versioned backups of a set of files. The second part of the session (5 March 2015) introduced multi-user scenarios, cloning and merging between different repositories.

The introduction to version control with Mercurial, delivered by the CDT's director Hans Fangohr, is part of a series of workshops enabling the students to collectively create web pages, and share their contributions via pull requests as is common practice for open source projects.

picture from practical exercise

Students debating how to change a mercurial configuration file on MS Windows.