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Workshop on Text Editors - Sublime Text

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The first of a series of student led workshops forming part of the NGCM Advanced Computational Methods II module was given today by Paul Chambers and Robert Entwistle from the NGCM Centre for Doctoral Training, covering text editors and customisation of the Sublime Text 2 editor. This event and future workshops for the module can be found advertised on the NGCM events page, all of which are open and guests are welcome.

Material from the workshop can be followed at the computational modelling blog, including presentation slides from the session and a Linux virtual appliance on which the exercises were tested. Target outcomes from the exercises are to introduce the user to the features of Sublime Text 2, and create a custom environment for efficient editing, compiling and viewing of Pelican blog entries. Additional suggestions are given for building a development environment for ANSI-C and LaTeX projects in Sublime Text 2.

Students following the presentation

Students following the presentation.