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ARCHER Course on Message Passing Programming with MPI


Following on from the OpenMP training that took place in March, David Henty from the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Center (EPCC) delivered a 3 day intensive course on the MPI parallel programming model and library for NGCM CDT PhD students, other PhD students and staff from Southampton and elsewhere - one participant travelled from Vienna to benefit from the training. Dr Henty presented the theory of the message passing interface as part of the NGCM Advanced Computational Methods II FEEG6003 module. Training access to the the UK's national supercomputer ARCHER has been provided to all participants for the duration of the course as a platform to work through the exercises.

Parallel programming introduces new opportunities for bugs where clarity of code, execution performance and memory requirements can be computing objectives. The over 30 participants enjoyed lectures on good and robust program design and code that were mixed in the main content and the practical exercises.

All teaching material is available from the ARCHER website. Future training events are listed on the CMG events page.

Picture of code computing a sum distributed over multiple processors using MPI

Computing a sum distributed over multiple processors using MPI