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Workshop on the C++ programming language

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On 14 June 2015, the final student-led workshops given as part of the NGCM Advanced Computational Methods II module was presented by Jan Kamenik, Shriram Sunder and Stephen Gow. It introduced the C++ programming language. A description of the event, as well as others given as part of the module, can be found alongside details of other events within the CDT on the NGCM events page.

Tutorial materials from the workshop and a Linux virtual appliance on which the exercises were tested can be found on the computational modelling tools blog. Presentation slides from the session can be viewed on GitHub. The first exercise aims to introduce the user to both the basic features of the language and to the concepts of object-oriented programming. The second exercise is focused on virtual functions and operator overloading. Further topics covered in the slides include productivity techniques, visualisation tools and how to link C++ to other programming languages.