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NGCM Summer Academy: FEniCS project

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The FEniCS project is collection of software that focuses on solving differential equations using Finite element methods. The project allows researchers to specify their problem in its mathematical form and FEniCS automatically generates the result. This greatly reduces the amount of time that one would need to model the problem. FEniCS can be imported in many programming languages (Python, C++ etc.). It is this combination of automation and freedom (due to its incorporation to a language) that sets it apart from other FEA software.

As part of the annual NGCM summer academy participants received a two-day training course in FEniCs. The session was taught by one of the core developers Dr Marie E Rognes. Training included lectures that addressed the basic concepts of FEniCS and "FEniCS challenges" with "FEniCS prizes" for the ones who where successful.

`Dr Marie E Rognes <>`__.