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Introduction to LaTeX and BibTeX - Workshop

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As part of the student-led workshops of Advanced Computational Methods II module, NGCM students Gabriele Boschetto and Alejandra Vergara prepared a 2-hours workshop focused on the introduction to LaTeX and BibTeX . LaTeX is a typesetting system that produces professional documents with high typographical quality and BibTeX is a powerful and useful tool to easily manage the bibliography.

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The workshop was divided into two sections: in the first one the students gave a presentation introducing the basic concepts of both LaTeX and BibTeX while the second one consisted of an exercise session to practice with the topics covered in the presentation, such as how to build a basic document and how to manage the list of references.

A virtual machine (that can be downloaded here) was made available with a basic LaTeX distribution installed, together with BibTeX and other useful tools; moreover all the teaching material is publicly available on the ACM II blog, as well as the exercise given.