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NGCM Summer Academy 2016: Python Basics A

NGCM students teach and demonstrate basic Python use

As one of the opening events in the NGCM Summer Academy 2016, an introductory course on Python was delivered by NGCM students, aimed at people with little or no programming experience.

The training materials were inspired by the curated Python training resources provided by the Software Carpentry.

The session started by setting up all the programming environments of all the attendees, and quickly moved on to variables, arrays, strings, conditionals and loops. It aimed at providing the basics needed to create basic scripts and an understanding of if-conditions and for-loops.

The materials were delivered using Jupyter Notebooks and live coding, so that all the exercises can be reproduced by the attendees on their own machines in real time.

NGCM students teach and demonstrate basic Python use

There was a simultaneous course called Python Basics B, covering more advanced topics including Object Oriented Programming, so that participants could choose depending on their programming skills.