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Public Engagement Workshop

Steve Dorney opening the NGCM workshop on Public Engagement

Public Engagement is a key activity of modern academic life, in addition to teaching and education, research and leadership.

The University of Southampton's Principal Public Engagement Fellow Dr Steve Dorney ran a 4-hour workshop with all NGCM CDT students to outline motivations for public engagement but more importantly to make participants aware of the many different ways of engaging the public with science and engineering research, and to inspire the students to extend that portfolio with their own contributions.

Brainstorming in break out groups

Brainstorming in break out groups

During the day, the CDT students planned engagement activities for the Winchester Science Centre, the University's Science and Engineering day, and the Roadshow of the University of Southampton.

Python tool in Minecraft

Python tool in Minecraft

Ideas included the Python in Minecraft activity that Cohort 2 student Alvaro Perez started as a summer project (github).

Traffic management activity

In preparation for the day, Cohort 2 student Craig Rafter developed a prototype engagement activity (github) in which participants control traffic lights with the objective to manage a crossing as effectively as possible, and demonstrated this at the workshop.

interactive fluids demo

Within days after the workshop, Gary Downing from NGCM cohort 3 completed a prototype of another engagement activity: the ideas is to carry out and visualise in real time a computational fluid dynamics simulation for a fluid flowing across objects that are capture by a webcam (github).

Volunteers of the CDT will be supporting the actual implementation and delivery of the outreach activities in the coming weeks and months.