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EPSRC CDT in Next Generation Computational Modelling

Can simulations can save us all from superbugs?

Presentation by Professor Syma Khalid

Syma Khalid is a professor of computational biophysics at Southampton. She spoke to us on the 29th of May 2018 about the simulations constructed by her group with the aim of understanding bacterial cell walls.

The discovery of antibiotics in the 20th century revolutionized medicine …

Quasar Unification via disk winds: From Phenomenology to Physics

Presentation by Professor Christian Knigge

On Tuesday 3 July 2018, Professor Christian Knigge (School of Physics and Astronomy - University of Southampton) gave a talk to the 4th cohort of NGCM students on modelling Quasars by unification via disk winds.

Quasars (Quasi Stellar Objects) are rapidly accreting supermassive black holes in …

Public Engagement Workshop

Steve Dorney opening the NGCM workshop on Public Engagement

Public Engagement is a key activity of modern academic life, in addition to teaching and education, research and leadership.

The University of Southampton's Principal Public Engagement Fellow Dr Steve Dorney ran a 4-hour workshop with all NGCM CDT students to outline motivations for public engagement but more importantly to make …

Non-linear tomographic reconstruction

Joshua Greenhalgh giving an outline of his reasearch

Joshua Greenhalgh giving an outline of his reasearch.

The following seminar was given by cohort one student Joshua Greenhalgh about his current research in tomography.

Tomography is the technique in which an object is reconstructed from a series of line integrals. Johann Radon laid down the mathematical framework for tomography …

Git Tutorial: Version Controlling Your Source Code

Last week saw one of many seminars for the third NGCM cohort as a part of the Professional Skills Development module - what better a topic than an introduction to Git from Dr Ian Hawke.

Git is a version control system used worldwide, by amateur and professional software developers alike. There …

Strategic Advisory Board 2016

Strategic Advisory Board

The SAB members, CDT staff, and cohorts await the start of the seminars.

On the 11th of November 2016, three members of the strategic advisory board (SAB) for the CDT in NGCM arrived at Boldrewood Campus. These were: Daniel Smith from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), which …

Presentation Skills Workshop

Presentation Skills

Guidance on presentation skills in research.

NGCM students participated in a morning session on presentation skills. It was a mixture of collaborative discussion and individual student presentations.

The morning began with a discussion of the importance of communication in academia lead by Professor Hans Fangohr. Communication of research is vital …

Astronomical Hydrodynamics and Be/X-ray Binaries

Rory Brown presenting his work on Be/X-ray Binaries.

Rory Brown presenting his work on Be/X-ray Binaries.

Rory Brown, a member of NGCM Cohort 1, gave a seminar discussing his research on high mass X-ray binaries and the surrounding background physics.

High mass X-ray binaries are binary star systems formed of a large companion star orbiting a companion …

Pelican Tutorial: Posting on the NGCM Blog

Screencast of the process

Screencast of the process of creating a new NGCM blog post.

Students received training for part of the Professional and Research Skills module in how to use Pelican - a tool NGCM uses to update its blog. The tutorial was given by Ian Hawke.

First, an environment named blog needs to …

Seminar by Sophia Schillai: Snakes on a Boat

Sophia Schillai and the Southampton Python User Group

Most robots can freely move in any direction so long as there are no obstacles. Autonomous sailing presents a different kind of challenge: the boat can't sail directly towards the wind, so it has to zig-zag ('tack') to get to a point upwind. It's also important to keep saltwater and …

Fortran Modernization Workshop

Modern Fortran at the University of Southampton.

Dr Wadud Miah introducing modern Fortran features.

The University of Southampton hosted a two day Fortran modernization workshop organized by Dr Wadud Miah (Numerical Algorithms Group), and Dr Nico De Tullio (University of Southampton). Centred around software engineering for computational sciences, the workshop gave participants hands on experience in modern …

NGCM Summer Academy: Programming with CUDA

CPU/GPU Comparison

A CPU (Central Processing Unit) typically has 2-6 cores that operate at a frequency between 1.5-3.5 GHz. A Graphics Processing Unit (GPUs) consist of 100s of cores that operate at a frequency of 500-900 MHz and it is typically used to compute the textures or even physics in …

My First Year in the NGCM


It’s been a busy, challenging, but extremely rewarding year.

Last September I made a blog post about the NGCM Programming Primer week. This week of training held at the start of each new academic year is aimed at giving all new NGCM members (baring in mind not everyone will …