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EPSRC CDT in Next Generation Computational Modelling

My First Year in the NGCM


It’s been a busy, challenging, but extremely rewarding year.

Last September I made a blog post about the NGCM Programming Primer week. This week of training held at the start of each new academic year is aimed at giving all new NGCM members (baring in mind not everyone will ...

Programme Management with Boeing

NGCM students work on Programme Management examples

At the end of April, Sham Mustapha and Paula Bartram of Boeing Defence UK delivered a workshop on Programme Management to all NGCM students and a few other PhD students at Southampton.

The session concentrated on the importance of Best Practices in Programme Management, and their impact on cost, safety ...

Continuous Integration workshop

During the seminar

As part of Advanced Computational Methods 2, Ryan Pepper and Alvaro Perez-Diaz prepared a student led seminar on Continuous Integration (CI). This is a method used by software developers to automatically test software, in order that changes do not break existing functionality.

After setting up students machines with prerequisites for ...

Seminar by Dr. Mike Croucher: Is your research software correct?

Seminar by Mike Croucher - Is your research software correct? - solutions.

Dr. Mike Croucher proposing some solutions to improve our scientific results.

Dr. Mike Croucher, research software engineer at the University of Sheffield, gave an insightful seminar exploring some of the issues surrounding the use and development of research software, proposing a rational approach to the use of software in order ...

Thomas Schrefl - Computational magnetics for sustainable development

Professor Thomas Schrefl from the Center for Integrated Sensor Systems at Danube University gave a talk to the NGCM group on Wednesday 2nd December on the use of simulation of magnetic systems in order to inform design of new magnets for industrial use.

He began by giving a brief summary ...

Seminar by Robin Wilson: Reproducibility in Satellite Imaging Research

Seminar by Robin Wilson on Reproducibility and Satellite Imaging

Dr Robin Wilson from Geography at Southampton gave a research seminar concentrating on the importance of reproducibility for satellite imaging.

Dr Wilson explained the importance of satellite imaging for a broad range of applications, from disaster relief, government management and commercial exploitation. This computationally complex problem is challenging to automate ...