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EPSRC CDT in Next Generation Computational Modelling

International Conference on Software Engineering

ICSE 2016 Summary

Presentation by Hans Fangohr, summarising the presentations made at ICSE 2016

Hans Fangohr presented a summary of what was being talked about at the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) 2016 at Austin, Texas. The conference is focused on what software engineering can do for science. Hans Fangohr presented summaries ...

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

On Thursday 27th April 2017, Dan Wallace and MSc student Jaya Vignesh Madana Gopal delivered a workshop on Cloud Computing using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. The goals of the workshop were to introduce participants to the platform and its current commercial use, motivate its potential ...

Software Development at Sky

Agile Software Development Agile Software Development improves software quality by promoting collaboration between developers, directors, and users

Large technology corporations with thousands of staff, not to mention millions of users worldwide, must cultivate a rigorous approach to organising personnel and assigning tasks. For Sky, the development of new products requires a hierarchy of ...

Why Julia?

Jonathon introducing the topic of the day

At the end of November, Jonathon Waters delivered a seminar on the relatively new programming language Julia. Jonathon is an NGCM iPhD student at University of Southampton, being in his second year of PhD and part of Cohort 2. Julia is a new ...

Non-linear tomographic reconstruction

Joshua Greenhalgh giving an outline of his reasearch

Joshua Greenhalgh giving an outline of his reasearch.

The following seminar was given by cohort one student Joshua Greenhalgh about his current research in tomography.

Tomography is the technique in which an object is reconstructed from a series of line integrals. Johann Radon laid down the mathematical framework for tomography ...

Sensitivity Analysis for Computational Models

Elements of a simulation of chemical release A chain of computational models can be used to simulate the effects of a chemical release

The release of a chemical or biological agent into the environment and the subsequent effects on humans can be divided into stages, many of which can be simulated independently. To what extent does varying ...

My First Year in the NGCM


It’s been a busy, challenging, but extremely rewarding year.

Last September I made a blog post about the NGCM Programming Primer week. This week of training held at the start of each new academic year is aimed at giving all new NGCM members (baring in mind not everyone will ...