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EPSRC CDT in Next Generation Computational Modelling

Why Julia?

Jonathon introducing the topic of the day

At the end of November, Jonathon Waters delivered a seminar on the relatively new programming language Julia. Jonathon is an NGCM iPhD student at University of Southampton, being in his second year of PhD and part of Cohort 2. Julia is a new ...

Seminar by Sophia Schillai: Snakes on a Boat

Sophia Schillai and the Southampton Python User Group

Most robots can freely move in any direction so long as there are no obstacles. Autonomous sailing presents a different kind of challenge: the boat can't sail directly towards the wind, so it has to zig-zag ('tack') to get to a point upwind. It's also important to keep ...

Continuous Integration workshop

During the seminar

As part of Advanced Computational Methods 2, Ryan Pepper and Alvaro Perez-Diaz prepared a student led seminar on Continuous Integration (CI). This is a method used by software developers to automatically test software, in order that changes do not break existing functionality.

After setting up students machines with prerequisites for ...

Python Programming Primer

The Python Programming Primer is the first training experience that the NGCM CDT students take part in. For our cohort starting in Autumn 2014, this course was taking place two weeks before the start of the teaching semester, to provide a common base in programming: most of the taught modules ...