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EPSRC CDT in Next Generation Computational Modelling

Git Tutorial: Version Controlling Your Source Code

Last week saw one of many seminars for the third NGCM cohort as a part of the Professional Skills Development module - what better a topic than an introduction to Git from Dr Ian Hawke.

Git is a version control system used worldwide, by amateur and professional software developers alike. There …

Presentation Skills Workshop

Presentation Skills

Guidance on presentation skills in research.

NGCM students participated in a morning session on presentation skills. It was a mixture of collaborative discussion and individual student presentations.

The morning began with a discussion of the importance of communication in academia lead by Professor Hans Fangohr. Communication of research is vital …

Pelican Tutorial: Posting on the NGCM Blog

Screencast of the process

Screencast of the process of creating a new NGCM blog post.

Students received training for part of the Professional and Research Skills module in how to use Pelican - a tool NGCM uses to update its blog. The tutorial was given by Ian Hawke.

First, an environment named blog needs to …

Seminar by Robin Wilson: Reproducibility in Satellite Imaging Research

Seminar by Robin Wilson on Reproducibility and Satellite Imaging

Dr Robin Wilson from Geography at Southampton gave a research seminar concentrating on the importance of reproducibility for satellite imaging.

Dr Wilson explained the importance of satellite imaging for a broad range of applications, from disaster relief, government management and commercial exploitation. This computationally complex problem is challenging to automate …

Industry seminar: Simulation of coastal and shelf seas

ABPmer logo

Dr Lambkin from ABPmer opened the seminar series for the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Next Generation Computational Modelling (NGCM) in the academic year 2015/2015, welcoming the new NGCM CDT students that have started in September 2015.

Dr Lambkin explained why computer simulation is important for ABPmer …

Workshop on version control with Git

Git logo

As part of the professional skills training, Dr Ian Hawke started the series of workshops by introducing the Git version control system. Git has become the de-facto standard in version control, and the NGCM doctoral students are introduced to it on the very first day in semester 1 of their …

NGCM Summer Academy: FEniCS project

`FEniCS project `<>`__.

The FEniCS project is collection of software that focuses on solving differential equations using Finite element methods. The project allows researchers to specify their problem in its mathematical form and FEniCS automatically generates the result. This greatly reduces the amount of time that one would need to model the problem …

Workshop on File Formats - HDF5

HDF Group Logo

A workshop was given on the HDF5 file format by James Harrison and Rory Brown as part of the Advanced Computational Methods II course. HDF5 is a hierarchical file format that allows that allows various types of data and metadata to be stored in the same file. It has a …

Workshop on Programming in Fortran

Sublime Text logo

A workshop that introduced programming in Fortran was run as part of the Advanced Computational Methods II. The session was presented by Ioannis Begleris from the NGCM CDT and Hao Wang. Materials covered included the very basics of Fortran programming, highlighting the differences between different versions of the language and …