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EPSRC CDT in Next Generation Computational Modelling

Fortran Modernization Workshop

Modern Fortran at the University of Southampton.

Dr Wadud Miah introducing modern Fortran features.

The University of Southampton hosted a two day Fortran modernization workshop organized by Dr Wadud Miah (Numerical Algorithms Group), and Dr Nico De Tullio (University of Southampton). Centred around software engineering for computational sciences, the workshop gave participants hands on experience in modern ...

Continuous Integration workshop

During the seminar

As part of Advanced Computational Methods 2, Ryan Pepper and Alvaro Perez-Diaz prepared a student led seminar on Continuous Integration (CI). This is a method used by software developers to automatically test software, in order that changes do not break existing functionality.

After setting up students machines with prerequisites for ...

Workshop on version control with Git

Git logo

As part of the professional skills training, Dr Ian Hawke started the series of workshops by introducing the Git version control system. Git has become the de-facto standard in version control, and the NGCM doctoral students are introduced to it on the very first day in semester 1 of their ...

Workshop on File Formats - HDF5

HDF Group Logo

A workshop was given on the HDF5 file format by James Harrison and Rory Brown as part of the Advanced Computational Methods II course. HDF5 is a hierarchical file format that allows that allows various types of data and metadata to be stored in the same file. It has a ...

Workshop on Programming in Fortran

Sublime Text logo

A workshop that introduced programming in Fortran was run as part of the Advanced Computational Methods II. The session was presented by Ioannis Begleris from the NGCM CDT and Hao Wang. Materials covered included the very basics of Fortran programming, highlighting the differences between different versions of the language and ...